Vehicle History Reports: An Added Peace of Mind

Recently, one of my good friends was in the market for a “daily driver,” so naturally we went straight to Craigslist to see if we could find any good deals.

With a budget of $1,500, we knew we didn’t have much room to be picky; so our main goals were to find a fairly clean vehicle that ran well and had relatively low miles compared to its age. After digging through countless listings, we finally picked out 8 vehicles that seemed to meet our criteria. Continue reading…

Behind the Scenes: Making the 2014 DriveTime Commercials

2017 DriveTime commercials are here! Follow Tina and Tara on more wacky adventures.

This post is a personal reflection of my experience during the creation of our DriveTime TV commercials, created in September 2013.  

We first stepped on scene at the DriveTime commercial shoot in Los Angeles on a windy Thursday morning; already near exhaustion from juggling early morning flight delays and scrounging for our next cup of coffee.

If you’ve never been behind the scenes of a TV commercial shoot before, think of it as walking into a mini Universal Studios. Nearly 50 people were buzzing around a parking lot filled with tractor trailers and cool props, all speed walking with a heightened sense of purpose. Continue reading…

The Insurance Considerations of Buying a Car

This article was contributed by Katherine Wood, a writer for The site’s Homeowners Blog serves as a resource center for home and auto insurance consumers across the country. The views and advice of contributors are their own, and not necessarily those of DriveTime.

You’ve been saving for months, waiting to take the plunge and buy an affordable car. You’ve studied reviews, Blue Book values, and calculated your budget carefully so you know what you can afford to pay. Based on your research, you’ve decided on a make and model. So now you’re ready for a test drive, haggling, and signing papers, right?

It’s not that simple. Continue reading…