CarFax vs AutoCheck

CarFax vs AutoCheck: 3 Differences You Must Know

experian-autocheck-reportWhen you buy a used car, it’s important to get an accurate and detailed vehicle history report and know the differences between CarFax vs AutoCheck reports. It can save you big in the long run.

CarFax and AutoCheck vehicle history reports are two of the most prominent options, but it can be difficult for shoppers to understand the differences between the two choices. Although both reports can offer plenty of useful insight into the history of a used car, AutoCheck reports have a better reputation among used car lots due to their ability to thoroughly track vehicles sold at auctions.

In general, AutoCheck and CarFax reports offer many of the same advantages. Both reports will provide a fairly reliable account of the emissions history and accident history of any given car. This means that with either report, you can be confident that you have a good idea of any problematic aspects of the car’s history.

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Watch Out For These Top 4 Used Car Sales Dangers

Since the used car industry is such a competitive place, many dealers have developed a penchant to resorting to various tricks in order to convince a customer to buy their cars instead of going to a competitor.

If you fall prey to one of these tricks, you may be left with a low quality car and an empty wallet. Watch out for these dangers when shopping for used car sales. Continue reading…

In-House Financing: The Truth Behind “Approved” and “Approval”

used-car-dealerIn-house financing can be confusing, then again it’s typically better to understand than the alternative. Whenever you hear about auto loans, the terms “approved” and “approval” get thrown around a lot, but they do not have the same meaning.

But what do those terms actually mean for you, the consumer?

Depending on the dealership, those words can mean vastly different things. As you consider your options with in-house financing, make sure that you understand the connotations of these terms so that you are fully equipped to make your decision!

In-House Financing Approval Scams

The most typical way the term “approved” is used is in relation to getting approved for a loan.

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The DriveTime Inventory: Discover Your Perfect Car Online

Are you having some trouble finding your perfect car through online car dealerships and browsing online inventory? At DriveTime, our inventory is updated daily, so you can find and finance your vehicle 24/7, 365 days a year on our website.

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Turkeys and Testosterone: How American Auto Racing Got its Roots [Infographic]

Rumor has it that Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner. As we settle down on Thursday with our friends and family to give thanks for everything we are grateful for, lets not forgot to recognize what is arguably the most adrenaline pumping sport on the planet: American auto racing. Even the most die hard gear heads that can rattle off Tony Schumacher’s final drive ratio in his Top Fuel car probably can’t tell you how American auto racing got its roots.

The myth that racing began during the prohibition area by bootleggers is only partially true, but the reality is that racing started decades before, in cars that couldn’t top 10 miles per hour. Continue reading…