#DTRoadTrip: Taking a Closer Look at Eastpointe

It’s our fifth week on the road. We’re nearly half-way through our #DTRoadTrip! Time has flown by as we’ve sped from one incredible place to the next.

As the Nashville skyline disappeared in the distance, we soon found ourselves surrounded by the lush, green landscape of the Midwest’s Great Lakes region.


The air was thick as we took in Detroit, it felt like standing by the ocean. This impressed us, because we never imagined Detroit being so green and alive. Our vision for Detroit stemmed mostly from how the city is portrayed in movies and the news. We honestly expected to see rows of smoke stacks, gigantic factories and a smog filled sky. What we got was a bright blue sky with a gigantic lake to match, and an impressive city skyline surrounded by darling neighborhoods.
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#DTRoadTrip: Good Times in Gallatin

Country music pairs well with a long drive. It’s like that type of music was made for the road. As we made our way across the great state of Tennessee, we listened to these classic Nashville anthems:

Nashville Without You – Tim McGraw

Sundown in Nashville – Marty Stuart

Nashville Cats – The Lovin’ Spoonful

Down on Music Row – Dolly Parton

Nashville Bum – Waylon Jennings

We pulled into Nashville, our ears ringing with those old, country tunes. We made it to our fourth stop of the #DTRoadTrip, and our mission was twofold: to hear some live country music, and eat some of that famous Southern cooking.
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#DTRoadTrip: Living the Clearwater Life

Clearwater Travel Checklist

Sunscreen? Check.

Flip-flops? Check.

Aloe vera, for the inevitable sunburn? Double check.

Clever t-shirt that says: “How to get a beach body: Step One, go to the beach. Step Two…done.”? You better believe it.

Looks like everything is in order. Let’s head on down to Clearwater, Florida to check in on our inspection center team and hopefully catch some rays and gnarly waves. #DTRoadTrip!

Meet the Team

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dtroadtrip charlotte feature

#DTRoadTrip: Thrill Seeking in Charlotte

Our second stop on the #DTRoadTrip was Charlotte, North Carolina. We discovered on our drive to North Carolina that many great artists have written songs about the state, so naturally we had to listen to them all on repeat.

Carolina – Harry Styles

Wagon Wheel – Darius Rucker

Carolina in My Mind – James Taylor

Raise Up – Petey Pablo

Carolina Sunset – The Marshall Tucker Band

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