Referral Program Winners

Congratulations to DriveTime’s Refer-A-Friend Sweepstakes Winners!

At DriveTime, we reward our customers every day for referring their friends and family to our dealerships.

In December, we thought we’d offer a little more to everyone who purchased a vehicle in 2015 and offered the opportunity to win a cool $1,000 – on top of the $200-$600 they would receive for referring someone to us. Normally,when you refer a customer to DriveTime (and you’re a current customer yourself) you receive the following amounts towards statement credits:

  • 1 -3 customers: $200/each
  • 4-7 customers: $400/each
  • 7+ customers: $600/each

A huge thank you to all who participated in this sweepstakes and congratulations to the thirteen $1,000 prize winners from each region!


For more information about DriveTime’s referral program or if you’d like to refer your friends and family, visit


  1. Vanessa Carlyle   •  

    I am a drive time customer and make my payments through bridgecrest and I referred a friend today 7/26/17 And he financed a car so I was wandering when I will receive my referral fee.

    • Mario Smith   •  

      Hello Vanessa,

      Thanks for reaching out to us with your inquiry and thanks for referring your friends to us. In order for your referral credit to apply to your account, a few simple steps need to be taken. The main step would be that whomever purchased a vehicle with us must use your full name as a referral, otherwise we won’t be able to verify the credit. If you would like to discuss your referral credit further, please feel free to reach out to your loan servicing provider, Bridgecrest. They can be reached through their Customer Service Department; 800-967-8526.

      Thanks for your time,
      Andrew – Customer Relations

  2. Jeffrey Conyers   •  

    Hello My wife’s Uncle bought a car from you guys and I was wondering when will I see the referral fee.

    • Customer Relations   •  

      Hello Jeffrey,
      Thank you for reaching out. In order for you to receive the referral credit you will need to confirm that your wife’s Uncle utilized your name as a referral when he purchased his vehicle. As long as this did happen the referral credit will take about 4 – 6 weeks to be applied to your account. If at that time you have not received the referral I would recommend contacting Bridgecrest Customer Service (our loan servicing company) at (800) 967-8526 and they can look into this matter further.
      Please let us know if you have any additional questions.
      Thank You,
      Missy – Customer Relations

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