The Cancel Anytime Lease: A Game Changer for Drivers

If you have considered leasing a vehicle, you probably know that it’s not typically as straightforward as the commercials featuring $0 down leases make it out to be.

Particularly if you have bad or no credit, the leasing process can involve some major financial hurdles, among them, repair and maintenance costs for the vehicle, the cost of the monthly payments and insurance, and hidden up-front costs.

People typically want a lease for its flexibility, however, you will be signing a lease with a term that will last at least a few years, tying you to that single vehicle for the foreseeable future, whether or not your financial circumstances or anything else in your life changes during that time.

Buying a car can be an even more unpalatable alternative, bringing its own set of expenses and complications, and tying you to one car for even longer than a lease. If only there were another option…

Introducing the Cancel Anytime Lease by DriveTime

DriveTime is introducing a brand new way to go about leasing cars. Dubbed the Cancel Anytime Lease, it is just what it says – you set your own lease terms (although the standard lease term is 30 months, but you can cancel at any time), and you are in the driver’s seat. It’s not just the ability to cancel and return your lease at any time that’s unique, either.

Cancel, Exchange, or Upgrade Anytime

Whenever you want and for any reason, simply bring your car into a DriveTime dealership and cancel your lease. Or, you have the option to exchange your car for another vehicle, upgrading your experience. You can even purchase the vehicle at the end of your lease. It’s entirely up to you.

Less Due at Signing

The lease terms mean less money down due at signing, resulting in a clear, low up-front cost to you, as well as affordable term payments and lower cost insurance. Not only will you be able to cancel anytime, but you will pay less for that privilege than you would for a stricter traditional lease. The Cancel Anytime Lease has all the best qualities of leasing with none of the drawbacks, starting on average with $895 down (see lease disclosure for details, including terms).

Life of Lease Limited Warranty

Unlike many other lease programs, which do not cover service during the lease period, the Cancel Anytime Lease comes with a limited warranty on all major parts, including critical engine components, the drivetrain, A/C, and more. Drivers also get complimentary oil changes and brake service for the life of the lease.

More Savings, More Rewards

The Cancel Anytime Lease program offers higher mileage limits than most other leases – allowing you to drive up to 24,000 miles per year. While you drive, you earn credits toward your next lease or purchase through the Lease Rewards program – which, of course, you can use at any time.

It is an exciting time to consider leasing a used car, truck or SUV.

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  1. David Fudge   •  

    I am a retired Canadian who has a condo in Pompano Beach. For the last 10 years I have come down to Florida for six months every year. I am interested in leasing a vehicle at the beginning of November and ending my lease in the middle of May….then repeating the whole process again next November. I will commit to this arrangement for several years, plus, if you wish, I will contact many Canadians who may want to do the same. Please advise if you are interested my proposal.

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hey David,

      The Cancel Anytime Lease is perfect for you, but there is still no need to commit. Simply drop in when you want to lease a vehicle from us and bring it back when you’re done with it and we’ll see you again in November! You can find the DriveTime dealership nearest to you in Florida right here:

  2. Steve   •  

    This looks like it would be perfect for me. Unfortunately I live in the Chicago suburbs and there aren’t any Illinois dealers participating in this yet. Do you foresee doing business in Illinois anytime soon?

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hey Steve, we didn’t want to ruin the surprise, but since you asked…yes! It’s not on our schedule for 2014, so sit tight or you can visit one of our dealerships in Indiana or Missouri.

  3. sally varela   •  

    How can i find out if my lease at drive time is a cancel anytime lease?

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hi Sally, all of our leases are under our Cancel Anytime Lease program. If you have questions about your lease, feel free to give us a call at 1-888-781-5455.

  4. josue loera   •  

    are all the cars in the dealers available for this program or only specific kinds?

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hi Josue, every dealership has 3 different classes of lease vehicles that are available. You can check with your local dealership to see what they have available today!

  5. stacy   •  

    What about current car owners thru drivetime?How can we participate?

    • DriveTime   •  

      Stacy, current DriveTime customers are eligible to take advantage of our Cancel Anytime Lease program. I’d recommend giving us a call at 1-888-781-5455 so we can review your account and let you know what the next steps are. Thanks for being such a loyal customer!

  6. stacy   •  

    Called Corp and dealer in Austin.both said I couldn’t do it.

  7. Greg Rainbolt   •  

    Is there a down payment required and does all credit qualify?

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hey Greg, for lease vehicles we are offering down payments at $895 for our starter-class vehicles. Your credit doesn’t matter and we include a life of lease limited warranty! You can find out more by visiting our lease website.

  8. Jesse   •  

    How much are the monthly Payments? Does it depends on your credit?

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hey Jesse, your credit score is only factor into the equation. Down payment and the vehicle you choose will mostly determine what your monthly (or bi-weekly) payment is. You can find out by getting approved online then heading into a dealership to find out what your payment would be for the vehicle you want.

  9. mary   •  

    Sure wish I had been told about this last fall. I would’ve leased rather than buy. Dang!

  10. Briana Williams   •  

    Is there anyway that you can lease to own a vehicle?

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hi Briana, you do have the option to purchase the vehicle at the end of your lease term. You can also extend the lease or upgrade vehicles (or downgrade, but who wants to do that?). Your local dealership will be the best source of information to find out more.

  11. Tyler   •  


    Just curious, what are the insurance requirements for a leased vehicle? is comprehensive required? Would liability and uninsured/under insured motorists be sufficient enough?

    • DriveTime   •  

      Tyler, the insurance requirements vary by state but I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised that in most states, we cover some of the costs of insuring the vehicle. Give your local dealership a call and they can tell you exactly what the insurance requirements are for leasing a vehicle and answer any additional questions you may have.

  12. Graham   •  

    I need something like this from beginning of July, but you don’t have any dealers in Connecticut. Any plans for rolling out in CT?

    • DriveTime   •  

      No immediate plans for Connecticut just yet, sorry!

  13. ashley   •  

    a friend of mine recently was approved with a very low down payment for the lease to own program, my question is if I were to be approved for a low down payment as well and I decide to put more down, would that make my monthly payments lower or would it not affect the payment amount? for example, I get approved for a $999.00 down payment and $250.00 monthly payment but I choose to put down $2500 for the down payment….will my monthly payments go down or would it stay the same?

  14. Virginia   •  

    Hi. About a year ago I purchased a 2005 Mazda 6 from a dealership in North Little Rock, Arkansas. I came across this page today and was wondering if I wanted to upgrade my car to let’s say a 2012 Dodge Avenger that the dealership has, does that cost? Will my payments change? And if anything cosmetically has happened to my current car (tint started to peel, led dash went out) does that render me unable to do the exchange

  15. Wayne   •  

    Are there different down payment amounts for different class of vehicles?

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hi Wayne! Assuming you are talking about our lease program, yes, the down payment does vary by class of vehicle. The down payments start at $895* and increase from there for the two additional classes. Your local DriveTime dealership can show you available lease inventory and go into the details about the down payment for each.

  16. James Binford   •  

    I would like to lease through your program, but I need a vehicle that I can use for work. Can I still lease through your program?

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hey James, when you lease a vehicle it’s yours just like any other lease.

  17. CB   •  

    What is the monthly income requirement for the lease program? Do you have to make over $3,000 a month? Gross or net?

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hi CB, most customers with a minimum income of $800 gross per month find our lease program is right for them. Stop into your local DriveTime dealership for additional info on the requirements (it’s not much more) and availability of lease vehicles.

  18. derrick   •  

    How many miles can you drive

    • DriveTime   •  

      Derrick, you can drive up to 18,000 miles per year, much more than your standard lease! There is a small charge for mileage that exceeds 18,000 miles in 12 months.

  19. Paul   •  

    Do you consider trade in with negative equity that could be rolled into the lease price/payment?

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hey Paul, unfortunately, at this time we can’t accept trade-ins for lease vehicles.

  20. Am   •  

    Hey there is there a price range for starter one vehicles..? What determines if u get denied leasing options and what if you have terrible credit ?

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hi Am, anyone can lease a vehicle from DriveTime, your credit doesn’t matter. I recommend talking with your local DriveTime dealership for additional details and to see what lease vehicles are available.

  21. Raymond Moore   •  

    I currently have a car finance thru drivetime and have about $6800 left on the loan and was thinking about getting another car when i got it below $4500 but was wondering if the lease option would lower my monthly payment? currently i pay $172 biweekly, was wondering if i could get out of the finance early and get into a lease for cheaper?

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hi Raymond, give your local dealership a call or stop in and ask about our CHAMP program. We reward our loyal customers by offering them a lower or no down payment option on their 2nd vehicle and a lower interest rate. They can also go over our lease program and see if that is something that might be a better option for you as well.

  22. Rooz   •  


    I just moved in to Charleston area. I have no credit history yet! I need a vehicle to commute! Is drive time right for me? How much, on an average, do I have to pay for month?

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hi Rooz, we can certainly help you! We specializing in financing used car buyers with no credit. Your payment will vary on your specific approval, vehicle you choose and the down payment amount. Have you started the process with our quick, 2 minute approval or browsing for a car on our website?

  23. Jacob   •  

    I recently joined the lease program in the greensboro nc area and I love it. But have a question I realize that I’m leaseing the vehicle and mine times out of ten I will purchase once my lease is up but can you add mods to the vehicle such as tint?

  24. Leonard Price   •  

    I have joined the lease program and was wondering am I able to upgrade to an vehicle anytime as stated? The reason for asking this question is because I have heard different answers even from the dealership itself. I have already leased a vehicle in the highest tier as of now. And another question is, if there is a vehcile at another sister dealership in the area that has a vehicle that I am interested in swapping out, could I do so?

  25. Jennifer   •  

    I recently financed a vehicle (13 days ago) and I referred someone to DriveTime. Instead of financing they leased the vehicle and put less down and have a lesser payment. Am I able to switch to the lease program? I wasn’t told about this great ‘cancel at anytime lease program’. I would benefit from a lower monthly payment.

  26. Wondering   •  

    I’m thinking of filing chapter 7 and letting my current car go back or surrender it, will I be able to lease until my bk is final?

    • DriveTime   •  

      You can continue to lease your vehicle regardless of a bankruptcy filing. Let us know if you have any other questions about your lease by calling 1-888-781-5455.

  27. Jimetra   •  

    Hi, can you put less than the down payment to drive away and pay the rest in two weeks

  28. Michael   •  

    I purchased ( not leased) a car from drive time over a year ago. My question is, do you offer an upgrade to another vehicle? I’m happy with my car but, I wanted something newer.

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hey Michael, you are able to trade-in your vehicle under certain conditions and we offer our CHAMP program for customers who are close to paying off their loan, however, that is typically around year four of their loan. Your local dealership will be able to provide you additional information about your loan and options.

  29. lisa bines   •  

    Hello if a lease a vehicle from drivetime and damges to the vehicle are not covered. Could i cancel my lease?

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hi Lisa, you can cancel and return your lease vehicle whenever you like. Please give us a call or visit your local dealership for details on how to return your vehicle (it’s simple) or to see if there is anything we can do about the damages.

  30. Silk   •  

    If I lease a car from you guys and happen to move out of state , is that ok , as long as I keep making all my payments.

    • DriveTime   •     Author

      Silk, please call us at 888-781-5455 so we can look up your account and provide you with an accurate answer.

  31. Johnnie   •  

    I am in the lease program and referred a customer. I tried to report it and get the incentive but the reply they went to different dealership. What do I need to do if anything to get credit.

  32. Kyle Walter   •  

    How much would I have to put down to lease a vehicle? Also would my car note be more if I lease?

    • DriveTime   •     Author

      Hey Kyle, our lease program offers down payments for as low as $895*. The down payment and bi-weekly payment will vary depending on which vehicle you choose. Your local dealership can give you the exact details once you narrow down a couple vehicles to choose from. You can start the approval online by clicking here.

  33. Sonia   •  

    Hi am currently leasing a car from Drive time and I would like to take it back and get a different one with lower payments can I do that? Also will I be required to have another down payment?

    • DriveTime   •     Author

      Hi Sonia, you can always return your vehicle to us at any time you’d like. Depending on what class of vehicle you chose, lowering your payment can be a possibility. Depending on how long you have leased your vehicle, you may not need a down payment at all. I recommend stopping into your local dealership or giving us a call at 1-888-781-5455 so we can research your account and show you what options you have for your lease. Thanks for leasing from us and I hope we are able to lease you another car you enjoy!

  34. Christopher   •  

    Dose the Driver Seat program report to credit agencies?

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hi Christopher, our lease program does not report to credit agencies since it is a lease and not a purchase.

  35. jonathan   •  

    Hi I live in round rock tx and I currently have an Chevy hhr for about a year now with drive time I went to drivetime and I wanted to upgrade to a 2008 Chevy avalanche that cost about 18k I have $2.000 for down payment I am just wondering if its that easy to switch or is my credit a factor the people there told me I just had to have the down payment and I can switch is there any other catches to this upgrade or is it really that easy?

  36. jonathan   •  

    I have a car with drivetime but I want to upgrade to a truck (class 2) I have the down payment for the truck but worried if there is any other catches like my credit being factors or bank approvals or is it just pay down payment get the truck ?

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hi Jonathan, great questions! Because you’ll be getting a new vehicle, you’ll have to go through our approval process again. This can be done at your local dealership and they will work with you to review your options to get the Chevy Avalanche.

  37. Shaunice Croskey   •  

    If I were to lease a car with drive time for the entire 2yrs would it really be mine after the 2yr agreement?

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hi Shaunice – you do have the option to purchase the vehicle at the end of your lease term! You can also choose to extend the lease or upgrade vehicles. Your local dealership will be the best source of information to find out more.

  38. Vance   •  

    Are all vehicles on your website available for lease or is there a separate inventory to select from?

      • Vance   •  

        I have contacted two separate Drivetime dealerships in my state. Neither was willing to give me information of their lease inventory. Why so cryptic? If they would simply give me the makes and models of a few of their cars I might be happy to take the time to drive to one of your locations. Instead, I got the feeling they had very little interest in leasing me a car. Just wanted to get me in their door to sell me one.

  39. Olivia   •  

    I am purchasing a car from you in which I began making payments in September 2013. Is the cancel anytime lease available for me?

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hi Olivia – if you’re looking to get an additional vehicle under our Cancel Anytime Lease, this is definitely an option you can discuss with your local dealership!

  40. Jeff   •  

    Hi I have 2 questions. When leasing, how much of the payment goes towards the car if you decide to buy at the end of the lease? And do you negotiate on the price of the car? Thanks.

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hi Jeff! You do have the option to purchase the vehicle at the end of your lease term. You can also choose to extend the lease or upgrade vehicles. Our pricing is set – what you see is what you pay for, no negotiation needed! Give your local dealership a call and they can discuss your payments in more detail!

  41. belott   •  

    Question. Is it at all possible to get a longer lease term? I can’t really afford the 30 Month term.

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hi Belott – Unfortunately, there is not a longer lease term than the 30 months. You can choose to re-lease or purchase the lease vehicle after the 30 months. Talk to your local dealership and they can work with you to show you your options.

  42. Rollie   •  

    There’s a jeep commander an I’m unsure of what the down payment would be could you give me an estimate or could I lease it?

  43. Chan   •  


    Is it possible to exchange/upgrade a leased vehicle at a different dealership than the one where the lease was secured?

    Also, if you consider moving to a different state, that offers the Drivetime lease program, how does that work?

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hi Chan! Yes – you can return the vehicle at a different dealership, no questions asked! If you’re moving to a different state that offers the DriveTime lease program, it will work just like the program you’re currently in.

  44. Marilyn   •  

    Is this lease program still available?

  45. Tarrance   •  

    Hello, I’m gonna be cancelling my lease soon because I’m moving to washington state and I was told I can’t take my car there. So I want to know how much any damages would cost me to turn the car in? The car is in perfect working condition but there are a few cosmetic (small) damages to the upholstery. For example small cigarette burns (slight grazes) and a small stain. I don’t mind getting it done myself. But if I turned it in to drivetime how much would it cost me? I’m not over on my miles and besides that everything is clean. Is it possible to get a rough estimate on how much the damages may cost if I just turned it in?

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hi Tarrance – we can give you an estimate for the cost of damage if you bring the vehicle to you local dealership.

  46. Brian   •  

    So lets say i go with the cancel anytime lease and a year down the road the vehicle starts acting up, i take it to the shop and find out its going to be 1000.oo to fix. I can say nope and bring it in and cancel the lease and just get a different vehicle and keep same payments?

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hi Brian -as long as the damage is normal wear-and-tear, and you haven’t gone over your mileage, you should be good!

  47. Ken Jackson   •  

    Only certain vehicle s you can lease?

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hi Ken! Yes, you are correct – we have a separate inventory for leases. If you contact your local dealership, they can let you know what is available for lease!

  48. LeAnn   •  

    Is there a mileage cap on leasing? If you go over your mileage allowed what happens?

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hi LeAnn – yes, there is a mileage cap. Mileage allowance is 1,500 miles per month (18,000 miles per year). If you go over your monthly mileage, there is a fee of $0.20 per mile for each mile that you go over.

  49. Renee   •  

    I lease a vehicle with you guys. Do you inspect the vehicle every year until the lease is up, or just at the end of the lease? I know I have the 24,000 mile a year program. How does that work? Do you check it every year, or just at the end of the lease term?

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hi Renee! We’ll inspect the vehicle upon the end of the lease. We definitely recommend you take the vehicle into a shop for required maintenance (oil changes) every 4,000 miles, but you do not need to take it to the dealership for a yearly inspection.

  50. Laxmom   •  

    I have a lease with 18 months remaining. Can I add it to your inventory for short term leasing? I don’t need it anymore and it will cost me $7500 to get out of it right now. It’s a 2014 Lexus ES with 7000 miles.

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hi Laxmom – unfortunately, you can not add your current lease to our inventory.

  51. Heather   •  

    If I return a leased car and I was to go over the mileage and work needed to be done on the car, do they have the authority to use any account information on file to access money from my account once a car is returned?

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hi Heather – when you return your lease, we’ll give you an honest evaluation up front and let you know how much is owed at that time. However, you will not be charged for any regular wear and tear.

  52. Carter   •  

    When I first got my vehicle back in May 2012. I was told you report to the credit bureau often helping with my credit score, but my car isn’t even shown on my credit. Why is that?

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hi Carter – thank you for the question! We are currently reviewing and updating our reporting policies. We’ll be reporting to credit bureaus again soon!

  53. Kristin   •  

    I’ve had my lease vehicle for a year now and would like to upgrade. I was wanting to know how much it would be for a class 1 or 2 vehicle. Also if the $500 I get every 10 months can go towards my down payment for a new car instead of the one I have because I hate the one I have.

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hi Kristin – you can definitely upgrade your vehicle! You can use the credit of $500 to put towards the total due at signing for another lease. For example, is the down payment for an upgraded lease is $1,395, you can use your $500 credit and you would only need $895 down for your new lease. Definitely contact your local dealership if you would like to hear all of your options!

  54. Crystal   •  

    Hello there! I am excited to say I leased yesterday! However, because Ive fallen in love with it, I have been wondering more about the long run. Will my payments on the lease go towards a possible purchase in the future? Or would it be more suit to switch to a purchase?

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hi Crystal – we’re so happy to hear that you’re enjoying your lease! Your current payments can definitely count towards the purchase of your lease vehicle, which you can do at the end of your lease.

  55. Angelz   •  

    I want to lease to own the car is there a way to do that?

    I assumed leasing was to help buy a car

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hi Angelz – you can do that! All of our lease customers have the option to purchase their vehicle at the end of their lease.

  56. MichaelG   •  

    What is the minimum income necessary to lease a car?

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hi MichaelG – there is no minimum to lease a car! We actually calculate income differently when it comes to making a down payment and monthly payments. If you have a few minutes to spare, stop by your local dealership and they’ll be able to calculate how much down and your monthly payments for a lease in 15 minutes!

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