Are You Protecting Your Car’s Interior The Right Way?

It is easy to want to bask in the sunshine all summer. But overexposure to sunlight and heat really isn’t good for anything except solar panels. When it comes to your vehicle, prolonged heat and sunlight exposure can actually cause harm the vehicle, fading the interior and bringing down the value.

“When people get in their cars and melt to their seats, they’ll wish they had followed these tips.”

Summer is in full swing and it is time to start protecting your vehicle. Just as you would put sunscreen on your skin to prevent your shoulders from burning, you can help your car out as well.

Here are 10 tips for you to consider for keeping the interior of your car cool this summer:

  1. Park smart: If you drive to work and the office has a parking garage, use it. The may garage may often be further from the entrance than the outdoor lot or street parking, but for the sake of your ride, walk the extra bit and park in the shade.
  2. Trees are your friend: When there is no covered parking or garages, look for a tree to try and park under. You can also rely on shadows from larger buildings or billboards to sahde your car during the day.
  3. Tint your windows: Tinted windows can go a long way in preventing sunlight from fading the interior of your car, just as your sunglasses shield your eyes. While this option requires you to invest some of your money, it may be worth it depending on what your normal parking options are. Additionally, different states and local governments have varying regulations when it comes to how tinted your windows can be, so make sure you know your regulations when it comes to acquiring tinted windows and shop around for prices.
  4. Seat conditioner goes a long way: If you have leather seats, then applying a leather conditioner can be very helpful. Excess sun and heat can cause leather to crack, which you obviously want to avoid. when applying, remember a little bit of conditioner will go a long way in keeping your seats durable against the sun.
  5. Crack the windows: Leaving your car parked with the windows up will only keep hot air trapped inside. Instead, crack your windows a bit so you’ll get some air flow. Even if it is a hot day, the movement of air will help to keep the inside from getting stale and overheated.
  6. Make sure your AC is working: One of the first things drivers will notice in the summer is whether their air conditioning is working. Your car likes to be cool just as much as you do, and by running the AC while you drive you can help it function better.
  7. Window shades aren’t hip, but efficient: Having to unfold a shade to place in your windshield does not seem like a very cool thing to do, and yet, neither is letting your front dash and seats get overheated. Get over the embarrassment and keep your car’s interior cool. It is hot and people understand. In fact, when people sit in their own cars and melt to their seats, they’ll wish they had done the same.
  8. Wax the surface: It is not only the inside of the car that can fade, but the outside as well. Since you are taking so many precautions to keep the car’s interior happy, you might as well protect its shell as well. Either have your vehicle’s exterior professionally waxed or do so yourself, as this will help the finish from fading in extreme sunlight.
  9. Have your battery checked: Extreme heat can be hard on your battery, which is why having it checked is a good idea. This doesn’t mean you have to go to the mechanic all the time, but if you are driving a great deal, it is not a bad idea to have your battery checked from time to time.
  10. Wipe your dashboard frequently: In the summer months your windows are going to be open more often, whether when driving or when parked. This will cause dirt and dust to settle on the dashboard, which can ultimately scratch the leather. Use a microfiber cloth to keep your dash clean and avoid any scratches or cracks that could occur.

Take care of your car this summer, inside and out. The more you keep it healthy and clean, the better it will behave and be ready to get you where you need to be.

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